What information can I view at a glance for the buildings and areas in my list?

You can view any sub-areas, registered assets, condition reports, maintenance jobs, and documents for each top level area of your premises

Once you've set out your site's hierarchy of spaces, you will also be able to record condition reports, and log the specific locations of your registered assets and one off maintenance jobs.

Clicking into any space will let you see any areas within it. You'll also easily be able to filter by usage and type.

Any items from your asset register which have been recorded in that space will appear in the registered assets tab.

Property condition records for the space will be shown in the condition tab.

The maintenance tab will show any one-off jobs that are currently open in the space you're viewing.

Top level spaces (buildings and external areas) also have a document vault which will allow you to store relevant documentation for the space in question.