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How do I update the estimated completion date for a task?

When you add an asset to you location, either at signup or from the 'Add or remove assets' screen, we calculate an estimated date on which it was last completed so that we can suggest when you should next perform it. This allows you to get started using iAM without having to dig out loads of paperwork upfront.  We strongly recommend that you update our estimates to reflect your actual history as soon as possible.

When updating the estimate you have three options:

  • Enter a date from your records
    Use the date picker to select the date you last completed the task.
  • Say you've never done the task
    If you know you've never done the task we are suggesting then this option lets you schedule the task for immediate completion.
  • Accept iAM's estimate
    The least preferred option. If you know you've done it but you're not sure when, then you can accept the iAM estimate and have it scheduled in the future.

The estimate is replaced when you mark a task as completed for the first time.

On the Premises Compliance page you will see this box in the task list until you update your last known completion date.

Set due date

The task resolution page

If you click on a task on your to do list or calendar you will be taken to the task resolution page.  If that task has an estimated completion date there will be an additional panel, as shown below, to let you update the estimate.

Update estimated schedule