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How does iAM calculate estimated completion dates?

When you add an asset to you location, either at signup or from the 'Add or remove assets' screen, we calculate an estimated date on which it was last completed so that we can suggest when you should next perform it.  This allows you to get started using iAM without having to dig out loads of paperwork upfront.  However, we strongly recommend that you update the estimate to reflect your actual history.

Each task has a frequency at which is needs to be completed, for example, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual etc.  We estimate that you completed the task half this frequency ago.  For example, we estimate that:

  • An annual task was completed 6 months ago
  • A monthly task was completed 2 weeks ago
  • A weekly task was completed 4 days ago

The exception to the rule are daily tasks.  We assume they were completed today, so will next be due tomorrow.