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How do I log that I've completed a task?

Logging that a task has been completed is a process you will use over and over again.

To start, navigate to the task's resolution page by clicking on it from your to do list. Under the important task details, you'll see the 'Resolve Task' form. This asks for 3 important pieces of information and also allows you to add more details for your records. Enter the information and click 'Record Date' to log the completion.

Required Information

  • When: Enter the date on which the task was completed.
  • How: Was this task done by a member of staff, or by an external person such as a contractor
  • Who: Enter the name of the person or company (contractor) that completed the task.

Optional Information

  • Notes: You have the ability to leave as many or as few notes as you require.
  • Cost: If the task was outsourced, you can record how much was spent in order to have the task completed.
  • Contract: If you have an active contract with the contractor who completed the task, you can specify if the task was completed under contract or not.
  • File upload: You can upload photos, work sheets, invoices, or any other documentation. The file uploads can be digital documents or scans of paper forms. We highly recommend uploading your documents as it is much easier to locate them again on iAM than it is searching through filing cabinets or your email inbox.
  • Assets checked during the task: If you've added asset components to your asset register, then you will be able to specify the specific ones which were checked during the task. In some cases, you will also be able to provide metric readings such as water temperature readings.