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Can I save information about my preferred contractors?

It's very likely that over time, you will have built up a list of contractors that you prefer to use for those jobs that you need a qualified professional to complete. To save you from having to hunt around for their details, we've made it so that you can save and access their information from within iAM Compliant.

To add a contractor to iAM;

  • Hover over 'Premises' in the navigation bar at the top of the page to bring up the dropdown menu
  • Select 'Contractors'
  • Click the green button to start adding in their details

Contractor Information

Once you've added in the information about your contractor, you will also be able to attach any relevant documentation (such as their insurance documents) to them and set an expiry date if needed.

Now, any time that you have an upcoming task that needs to be completed by a 'Qualified' rather than 'Competent' person, you will be able to select the person you would like to give the job to from right in the app.