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What do 'Competent' and 'Qualified' mean?

A task can be completed either by an individual who has a reasonable amount of knowledge, training or experience (Competent) or by a professionally qualified person (Qualified). 

Confusion does exist in the industry as qualified personnel are sometimes referred to as competent. For ease of understanding we standardise all references to our definition of Competent or Qualified.


"A Qualified Person is an individual who has attended formal training and gained a nationally recognised qualification in a particular field."

Qualified Persons generally belong to an external third party group and are contracted to conduct a specific task although it is possible for a staff member to be deemed as "Qualified" if they meet the criteria.


"A Competent Person is a person who has a suitable knowledge, understanding and ability to conduct a task that has been deemed as "Competent". It is the responsibility of the business owner to determine if their appointed person meets this criteria"

Our How-To guides provide simple step by step instructions which if followed correctly should ensure that the task can be completed correctly.

Can I or a member of my staff be deemed as competent?

Absolutely. iAM Compliant provides how-to guides which describe how to carry out the task as well as guidance on the considerations that should be taken into account.

You will be surprised at how many tasks you or your staff can actually do themselves, saving your organisation money!