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Is it possible to turn off or hide the features we won't use?

This feature is only available to account owners

If there is a feature of iAM Compliant that you know you and your team will never use, then you are now able to turn that feature off.

To select which features you'd like to turn off:

  • Hover over your name in the top right to bring up the user menu and then select 'Settings' under the grey Account Settings section
  • Scroll down to 'Choose your tools'
  • Uncheck any feature that you'd no longer like to see in your account
  • Click the green 'Save Features' button

If you ever want to turn a feature back on then you simply make sure that the box is ticked.

If you are using iAM Compliant with multiple locations, please ensure that users at other locations aren't using those features before you turn them off as any changes will affect them too.

Turning features off or on will not affect the cost of your subscription.