How do I use the training courses?

iAM Compliant has a selection of courses available to help you to maintain a compliant workplace and workforce. The courses are designed to offer maximum impact and learning, delivered in a series of short video tutorials.

  • Select a course on a topic you wish to learn more about or are required to prove competency in.
  • Each course is broken into short lessons with videos to watch and often a course specific download. After some lessons there is a short test you can take to check that you understand the subject.
  • Watch all of the videos and (if available) pass all of the tests in a course to complete it. That course will then be added to your record of achievement for you to share with your employer.

If a course doesn't have a test at the end, please do not worry. As long as you have watched all of the content of the course it will have registered that you have completed it.