How can I write a risk assessment using iAM?

Start a dynamic risk assessment by clicking 'Risk Assessments' under the 'Documents' drop-down box. Hover over the 'New' button and select 'Assessment'.Risk Assessment 1
  • Describe the activity that will be performed and choose which of your locations the activity will be performed at, or if it will happen remotelyRisk Assessment 2
  • Describe the potential hazards that will be faced whilst performing the activity
  • Tell us the control measures you will implement
  • Use the risk matrices at the bottom of the page to determine the level of risk and residual risk
  • On the next page, list any equipment, training, and PPE that will be needed for the control measures
  • Click publish and you can choose as many people from your organisation to share it with as you like (if you'd like to send it to people outside of your organisation, you will be able to email them a link after publishing)

After your assessment is published, you will be able to make changes, view the signature log and version history.