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How can I upload my documents in bulk?

Upload your policy and procedure documents to your iAM account in batches based on the location they apply to.

If you have a large group of documents to upload to your iAM account's Policies & Procedures area, you can do this in batches to help you save time compared with uploading each individually.

Please note that this method of upload has a few limitations to simplify the process:

  • All documents in the batch must either all apply to the same single location, or all apply to the whole of your location.
  • Documents uploaded in bulk cannot apply to remote locations outside of your organisation's premises.
  • All documents must be uploaded into the same folder per batch.
  • You cannot upload editable versions or add links to relevant compliance guidance for bulk uploads.
  • The same owner will be assigned to each of the documents in the batch. Where required, they can be reassigned once uploaded.

To upload a batch of documents, click the 'New' button and select the 'Document' option.

You will then need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'Start batch upload' button.

You will then need to choose the folder you wish for your documents to be stored in, and if you'd like them to apply to your whole organisation or a specific location.

You're now able to select the documents you'd like to be included in the batch. You may drag and drop your chosen documents or click the button to select them from a file browser.

We would strongly recommend selecting PDF files where available.

The file names will be used to give your documents titles, and you may choose to add a description for each file. Where possible, depending on the type of file you chose to upload, you will be able to view a preview thumbnail for each document.

Each file will automatically be given the publication date 'today' and will be set to review after one year, but if required you may change the date or review frequency for any document in the batch.

Once your documents are ready, click 'publish' to finish the bulk upload.