How can I create a management action to follow up an issue raised in a form response?

Raise management actions from form responses to be able to set due dates and assign them to your colleagues.

This is a premium feature available with a full subscription to iAM Compliant

When reviewing a form response, you will be able to add action points based on the results of the questions asked in the form.

Click on the small purple '+' follow up button and then type up the appropriate steps, remembering to click the 'add action' button before moving on to the next.

Once you've raised an action point you can click into it to add more detail. You can add a description for further information including links and file attachments. You are also able to assign the action to a colleague and set a due date.

You're also able to include additional information in a separate comment within the notes section, where it is also possible to include file attachments.