Can my users report issues at my sites via iAM Compliant?

Our Help Desk feature can be used to report a variety of different issues

Did you know that your users can now report issues into your Help Desk directly from an email? Each location and category has its own unique email address which you can add to your address book for quick access. Head to the Help Desk area of your account to access these emails.

Any of your users can use the Help Desk to report an issue based on the categories that you have set up. To help you to keep track of where your issues are occurring, users will also be able to select a specific location from their location as long as you have set up zones.

Any user with 'support' or 'admin' access to the Help Desk will then be able to manage tickets as appropriate.

If a reported issue will require some remedial work, you will be able to turn the ticket details into a one off job that your premises team can then complete.