Can I use iAM to keep a record of accidents?

Use our Incidents feature to keep a digital accident book

This is a premium feature available with a full subscription to iAM Compliant

We allow you to record accidents, near misses, and any other safety observations to help improve your premises safety before an accident happens. You can even record details of any investigations that you carry out into each incident to show how you are acting to prevent a re-occurrence.

  • Start to record an incident by clicking the green 'Report an incident' buttonIncidents 1
  • Tell us where and when the incident occurredIncidents 2
  • Select the type of incident you wish to recordIncidents 3
  • Give details of the incident, including a description of what happened, if a person was affected or injured, their personal details, the actions that were taken, any witness statements, and any supporting evidence such as photographs

After you've saved your report you can print a copy of the record for the affected person, add a note to the investigation, and record any follow up actions where necessary. The follow up report can be updated over time as more information becomes available.

Incidents 4