Can I set up a friendlier email for our Help Desk?

If you've got an existing email that your staff use to report faults, you can use that by setting up a redirect rule.

This is a premium feature available with a full subscription to iAM Compliant

Your Help Desk inbound emails will only work when the email is sent by someone who has an iAM Compliant account for your organisation. Rather than setting up email forwarding so that more friendly/memorable email addresses can be used, you must set up a redirect. The reason why it must be a redirect rather than a forwarding rule is because otherwise the original sender will not come through properly so we won't know who's raising the ticket and it will fail.
We need to know which user sent the email to raise the ticket as without this information the system would not then be able to send notifications to the user to let them know if they'd been asked for further details on the issue they'd raised or if the ticket was closed.
It might be the case that setting up a redirect rule will require a verification code, if this happens please get in touch with us providing the iAM generated inbound email address, and the friendlier email address you'd like to use for the redirect so that we can attempt to retrieve the code and pass it back to you.