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Can I record metrics or data points for my tasks?

In order to record metrics you will need to have a task which allows values to be recorded and a register of individual assets to record the data against

Pre-defined iAM tasks

We currently allow the recording of data points for the following tasks:

Fire Extinguishers Inspection Pass/Fail
Emergency Lighting Test Pass/Fail
Automatic Door Release Mechanisms Test Pass/Fail
Accessible Toilet Alarm Test Pass/Fail
Fire Alarm Test Pass/Fail
Water Outlets Temperature Test Cold Temperature, Hot Temperature
Showers/Spray Hoses Maintenance Cleaned, Chlorinated
Point of Use Water Heater  Temperature Test Hot Temp
Water Outlets Infrequently used outlet flushing Cold Temp, Hot Temp

Custom tasks

When you create a custom task you are able to choose if you would like to record data points or not. There are four options for the different types of metric that we offer:

  • Pass/fail
  • Text (allow your users to type in an answer of their own choosing)
  • Numeric (with a choice of units, and the option to set maximum and minimum expected values)
  • Options (where the data will always be a certain type of reading)

Your Asset Register

If you'd like to record metrics for your weekly fire alarm tests, you will need to add your manual call points to your asset register. The same applies to other tasks that you will want to record