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Can I manage my Policy and Procedure documents in iAM?

Absolutely! iAM allows you to store and manage all of these documents, including pre-written risk assessments. You will receive reminders when reviews are due and can easily share them with other members of your organisation, or any third parties. You will also be able to keep track of who has read and signed any of these documents.

  • Upload a document by clicking the green button and selecting new documentPolicies & Procedures 1
  • You will need to give the document a name and a brief description. If you have already created a folder then you can choose where you would like to save the document.Policies & Procedures 2
  • On the next page you will need to upload your document by clicking ‘choose file’ and then selecting it from where it is saved in your computer. We recommend that you upload a PDF version, but you can choose other common file types if you would prefer. There is also the option for you to upload the original and editable version of the document as an extra backup for additional peace of mind. Before saving, select how frequently your document should be reviewed. This will depend on the nature of the document you’re uploading, but annual reviews are common for most types of document.
  • You can request that other iAM users with access to your location read this new document. Select the appropriate people and iAM will send them an email to let them know. You'll be able to see when they have signed to confirm they have read the document. Once you have published the document you will also be able to send it to people who don’t have access to your location’s iAM account such as third party contractors.

Publishing takes you to an overview of your document. Use the new menu on the right to make any changes, view the signature log and version history, or to go back to the main documents page.