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How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from iAM Compliant emails?

iAM can remind you of your upcoming tasks by sending a weekly email. You can opt in or out of this at any time, although we highly recommend you receive them to avoid forgetting an important date.

We will also send you emails notifying you of new Help Desk tickets that are submitted by members of your organisation's iAM Compliant account.

When you sign up to iAM you are set to receive these emails by default.

To change your email preferences:

  • From the account menu in the top right, go to 'My Profile'
  • In the 'Edit your profile' section there is an option to receive reminder emails.  Tick the boxes if you want to receive the emails, untick it if you wish to stop receiving them.
  • Click 'Update Profile'

Multiple Organisations

This setting applies to your iAM account. If you are a member of multiple organisations then this setting will enable or disable the emails for all organisations you are a member of. It is not currently possible to receive emails for some organisations and not others.