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How do I add additional locations to my organisation?

This feature is only available to account owners and administrators

location is building or premise that your business operates from.  iAM charges based on the number of locations your organisation has.  Adding a new location will increase the cost of your subscription. If you add a new location part way through an existing subscription (e.g. one year into a three year subscription) you will be charged separately so you may decide on a different subscription duration if necessary.

  • From the account menu in the top right, go to 'Account Settings'.
  • In the 'Locations' section, click 'Add Location'
  • Pick a nickname, enter the postcode and specify the type of business.
  • Click 'Create Location'

Your new location will be created with a selection of assets that you likely have.  You will be taken to the 'Add or remove assets' page so that you can update the list of assets.

Last updated by Laura Smith on September 18, 2017 10:34