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How do I use the training courses?

iAM Compliant has a selection of courses available to help you to maintain a compliant workplace and workforce. The courses are designed to offer maximum impact and learning, delivered in a series of short video tutorials. You are able to pick up and put down these courses at any time - you do not have to complete all the available modules in one sitting.

  • Select a course on a topic you wish to learn more about or are required to prove competency in.
  • Each course is broken into short lessons with a video to watch and often a course specific download. After each lesson there is a short test you can take to check that you understand the subject.
  • Pass all of the tests in a course to complete it. That course will then be added to your record of achievement for you to share with your employer.

Last updated by Laura Smith on November 15, 2019 12:25