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How can I make the most of my 30 day free trial?

Thank you very much for signing up to iAM Compliant.

By the time these 30 days have passed, the life of worrying about whether your premises comply or not, will be a distant memory!

By focusing on the following 6 key areas of iAM Compliant, it will really improve your understanding of premises compliance, and you will master an interesting new life skill. As you explore the features of iAM Compliant, you will be able to find a short video to give you guidance in each area - look for the white 'guide to this page' buttons in the top right hand corner.

1. Complete the asset survey. This will give you the power to fully understand your business assets, and why you have them. Click on the question mark next to an asset to reveal a description of what the asset is, where it's usually located, and what it looks like. When you see something that you've got in your premises then just tick that asset from the list, and it will be included in your compliance to-do list.

2. Add the previous inspection dates - you will only need to do this once. By telling iAM when you last completed a compliance inspection, you are letting the system plan in the future inspections, and diarise them on your behalf. Don't worry if you have never completed an inspection before, as you are now aware of it, and iAM Compliant has already planned a date in the diary to carry out the next inspection.

3. Review your To-Do list. It will not take long before you realise that you can perform the majority of compliance tasks yourself, and wondered why you may have been paying someone to carry these out for you. Don't forget that you need a qualified person to carry out the tasks which are illustrated with a man in a hard hat.

4. Read the How-To guides to each task. Each 'How To' guide is full of really interesting information and offers a link to the exact laws that govern that task, to tell you why your should be carrying it out. It gives you practical industry experience knowledge, tells you what equipment you may need to complete the task, and it also offers an industry best practice step-by-step guide to actually completing it yourself. Your understanding of compliance will be far superior than it was on day one of signing up, by taking a couple of minutes a day to read one how to guide, for the next 30 days.

5. Build an audit trail. If a spot check of your premises were to happen tomorrow, could you put your hands on a log book where every record including dates and documents, that you needed to pass the audit were there waiting for you? By entering the dates and uploading past certificates, photos and invoices, your log book becomes cloud based and anyone who wants to see these records might not even need to visit site at all. You can upload risk assessments and policies to our Documents area and keep a record of signatures and read receipts.

6. Invite other users. You cannot go wrong with sharing the experience with someone else, or a group of you. You can learn together, and have a collective understanding of how to ensure that your premises are fully compliant. Don't forget that it does not cost anything to add any new users, as you are only paying for the location to be compliant. Follow this guide How do I invite users to my iAM organisation if you would like to add a new user.

We hope that you really enjoy learning about premises compliance in these next 30 days. Don't forget that if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Stay Compliant,

The iAM Compliant Team

Last updated by Laura Smith on May 13, 2019 13:44